What Ferretly can do for your organization

Ferretly is being used across all industry and government to reduce risks of workplace violence, insider threats, fraud and ensure public safety.


Reduce the risk of workplace violence and insider threats

Given the explosion of social media usage around the globe, Social Media Screening has become a must-have to reduce the risk of workplace violence, racial bias and insider threats.  Continuous screening/monitoring ensures employee compliance and sensitive information is protected from domestic and foreign actors trying to influence policy, sow discord and weaken our public institutions.  In this hyperconnected world of social media, it’s imperative that government at all levels implement social media screening policies to mitigate risk to employees and the public they serve.

Higher Education

Improve campus safety and reduce toxic behavior among staff, faculty and students

An Institution's reputation can be damaged in seconds through shifting social media perceptions. Whether its hazing on campus, racism accusations, child abuse, student deaths due to risky drinking behaviors or campus violence committed by employees of the Institution, there has never been a more important time to properly vet and monitor what is being said online. Ferretly can quickly and compliantly gather and deliver social media insight to human resources, admissions and campus police.  Ferretly provides a consistent, unbiased and thorough report on faculty, staff and students quickly and efficiently. 


Ensure security and safety for our national critical infrastructure needs

Public utilities are very important for the economic well-being of our communities.  They satisfy our basic needs of water, light, and power – things that are essential to everyone for a civilized and comfortable society to operate.  These services provide a vital need and critical infrastructure services must be protected at all cost.  In addition, many utility workers interact with customers at their businesses or residences.  Utilities have unique risks and they have turned to social media screening and continuous monitoring of their workforce in order to ensure safety of both the employees and the customers they serve.



Detect fraudulent behaviors via online social media posts

Worker’s compensation fraud is estimated to cost insurers and employers and estimated $6 Billion dollars a year. This cost is shared by all employers in increases to their premiums. If we could curb this seemingly out of control problem, what would be the positive impact on the economy directly and indirectly by the lower of premium costs that could be used on other expenses. Ferretly can be used to compliantly review employee’s social media accounts to determine whether their behavior is exhibiting signs of fraud while they are out of work on a worker’s compensation claim.



Ensure uninterrupted supply of critical goods to the public

The transportation and trucking industries serve a critical need to the public.  Disruption of this flow of goods can be catastrophic.  And if merchandise is damaged, stolen, or even lost, your business will be liable for the lost profit.  Proper vetting of your new hire’s background ensures the products they deliver are in good hands.  With trillions of products being transported each year over rail, road, and water, safety is always a key concern for the transportation businesses.  By performing social media background checks and continuous screening,  Ferretly ensures you are hiring the right employees and safety-oriented team members. 


Law Enforcement

Ferret out bias and improve community relations

Law enforcement has a tremendous responsibility of maintaining public order and ensuring public safety by preventing and/or detecting criminal activities within our society.  This is only achievable through close relationships and trust with the community they serve.  Social media screening and continuous monitoring of your current workforce can enforce a stronger culture, mitigate potential bias, and help to maintain trust.   Workforce monitoring serves as a reliable step to ensure you are aware of racial bias and toxic officers that could represent the potential risk to public safety.


Protect your brand with social media screening of employees and franchisees

A Franchise understands the importance of their brand and providing an ideal culture for their employees and franchisee owners.    By incorporating Ferretly into their hiring and franchisee vetting processes , they can ensure their brand is protected and culture is maintained throughout the franchisor’s network.   Ultimately, social media screening and monitoring allows the franchisee to reduce risk to their employees, brand and bottom line.


Use social media screening to augment risk models for people with little credit history

Social media can tell a lot about an individual's character, lifestyle and many times their ability to pay their financial obligations.  With thorough analysis of public social media posts and image analysis a complete picture about the applicant can be derived and combined with traditional underwriting methods to improve risk models and subsequent reduction in losses to the institution.


Learn how and why to incorporate social media screening into your hiring process

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