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Improve campus safety, protect your school's reputation, and reduce toxic behavior among staff, faculty and students.

Parents want to know that when they send their children to College or University, the institution has done everything in its power to protect their child.   In today's ever-increasing digital lifestyle, Institutes of Higher Education has been thrust into a world that is not only public-facing but contains a seemingly endless audience with the reach of today's internet access. Therefore, it has become increasingly necessary to be cognizant of the nature of the content that is presented and shared with the public.

An Institution's reputation can be damaged in seconds through shifting social media perceptions.  Whether its hazing on campus, racism accusations, child abuse, student deaths due to risky drinking behaviors or campus violence committed by employees of the Institution, there has never been a more important time to properly vet and monitor what is being said online.  The media can be salacious in their coverage of these incidents that can quickly spiral into public relations nightmares for the Institution and potentially life-altering consequences for students.

We can quickly and compliantly gather and deliver social media insight to human resources, admissions and campus police.

By analyzing the social media behavior and activity of both faculty and staff, an Institution could gain insight into the candidate's character and personality -- avoiding not just the cost of the bad hire but potential downstream litigation and possible student safety issues.

Tort Litigation - An employer's best defense to this type of lawsuit is to demonstrate that it exhibited reasonable due diligence in the hiring of the employee. What are the types of

activity that may provide these clues? The internet is full of content that is gleaned from publicly available social media posts. These posts may contain photos of a student abusing alcohol. That student may be a member of one of the University’s Greek organizations. There have been far too many alcohol related deaths at America's universities. If the institution is charged, whether by its own commitment or implied commitment, to ensure the safety of its students then monitoring of student and Greek organization’s social media activity may be one of its strongest tools in this charge.

By incorporating an intuitive platform and Artificial Intelligence, we can provide a consistent, unbiased and thorough report on faculty, staff and students quickly and efficiently.  We analyze only public posts and content and ensures candidate and student privacy.  We are both FCRA and EEOC compliant.

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