Learn how Decorating Den protects their brand using Social Media Screening from Ferretly.

Since 1969, Decorating Den Interiors (DDI) has been making the world more beautiful, one room at atime, with individually owned and operated franchises throughout the U.S. and Canada. It istheir goal to provide an incomparable, fun desig experience for every customer. They pride themselves on delivering outstanding design, quality products, and exceptional service.

In the mid-'90s, Jim Bugg, Jr. took the helm andwas named President and CEO of DDI. Under Bugg Jr.'s leadership, the business of DDI has grown to become North America’s largest home furnishings and interior design franchise company offering over 150 brands from its supplier network to franchises throughout the United States and Canada. In 2019, DDI celebrated 50 years of making the world more beautiful, one room at a time.

Decorating Den Interior prides itself on the quality of our service, and making sure the right people represent our brand. Ferretly has been a great addition to our recruiting process, and has helped us partner with designers, staff, and franchise owners to ensure we are all moving forward together.
-J im Bugg J r., President and CEO, Decorating Den Interiors

The Goal

If a franchisor's model is highly profitable, and they have trusting relationships with franchisees who support the leadership's vision and mission, then the chain will grow. Decorating Den Interiors saw a need to expand on their current recruiting process and how they mitigate risk throughout the entire company and growing franchises. They knew the market would reward a stellar brand that they had established but also wanted to make sure the people represent the brand in a positive light. The goal of bringing Ferretly into the mix of their recruiting practice will help ensure a consistent process throughout the organization to ensure they recruit quality candidates, designers and potential franchisees.

The Solution

Ferretly International helped create an approach in DDI's recruiting and screening process by enabling the headquarters and franchisees to have a universal plan. Once DDI's social media screening integrated into their recruiting process, DDI started making strategic recruits that made sense for their brand, while still providing exemplifying customer service. The perfect blend of targeted recruiting and beautiful decorating has helped DDI, create consistency throughout their growing franchises nationwide. Ferretly is helping DDI continue to have an award-winning team of designers throughout the U.S. and Canada. It has created a platform to reduce risk in their recruiting processes by identifying potential candidates that have exhibited harassment, prejudice, violence, or other questionable activities through their public social media history. This platform will allow DDI to monitor ongoing franchisees and employees to ensure they are protecting their brand.

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