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Selecting the right influencer is more than just numbers. Delve deep into an influencer’s social media history to ensure brand alignment.

As companies employ more ambassadors and influencers to improve engagement with their brands, they are increasing their risk and exposure. How can a brand know what to look for in an influencer? How can a brand understand what the influencer can bring to the table and if their followers are the real deal and not bots artificially boosting the numbers? Social media screening should play a critical role in deciding on the influencers you are potentially bringing on board. While an ambassador or influencer can help elevate your brand quickly, they just as easily can become a liability if you choose poorly.

According to a Forbes article, "a brand must be sure the influencer's content aligns with their overall image. The use of uncanny or offensive content could have negative consequences on the brand's reputation."

Ferretly can quickly and compliantly gather and deliver social media insight to help vet out the right candidates for your brand.

Companies do not want to hire someone who does not reflect their core values and tarnish their brand by influencer's actions. Ferretly makes running social media background checks effortless. Our AI analyzes up to 10 years of public posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok, as well as web and news articles, and aggregates the risk factors and sentiment into an easy-to-understand score. We can help make the vetting process seamless and fast, which means you can get the right influencers for your brand.

Influencer's with the help of the brand they represent, spend a reasonable amount of time curating content that will leverage fans of the products and usually have a good mount of followers.  Curating content can be a solid way to leverage the fans of your product who are already engaged in social media. What they say, how they say it, and the audience they engage with all reflects the brand. When vetting influencers to represent your company, performing a thorough social media background report is crucial to ensure you place suitable candidates. A significant hurdle facing many brands is in connecting organically on a personal level with people. How can a brand authentically connect with humans? How can you better engage with your customers using the right content that reflects your core competencies and values?

By incorporating an intuitive cloud platform and Artificial Intelligence, Ferretly provides a consistent, unbiased, and thorough report on candidates quickly and efficiently

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