The Ferretly Partner Program

From affiliates to consumer reporting agencies or resellers, a partnership with Ferretly allows you to grow your business profitably with access to specialized resources and time-saving tools. Ferretly is CRA friendly and gives your agency the ability to white label the custom reports you provide to your customers.  No other product on the market can deliver comprehensive social media screening as fast and cost-effective as Ferretly.

A partnership with Ferretly is more than just a report

When you partner with Ferretly, we give you all the resources you need to ensure success.  These are just some of the services we provide our partners.

  • Pricing flexibility*
  • White labeled reports
  • White labeled marketing materials
  • Webinars for your customers
  • Blog posts and content
  • Customer support and training

* If you commit to a 1 year contract, we give you highly competitive wholesale pricing.  And if you sell more than your commitment in any month, we will automatically lower your price to the next tier.

Get Started

Click on the button below to join our Partner Program or contact us.  That's the first step to start growing your revenue and profitability.​  After submitting this application, we will contact you to discuss the various options and tailor an agreement that best suits your business and your budget.

Partner Frequently Asked Questions.

How do i refer customers to Ferretly?

You first signup on the Ferretly website by clicking the signup button above and entering an email and password, then completing your company information. Once we receive your request, we will review your information and if approved, you will recieve a welcome email showing your patner status of Referral and you will be given a custom URL that you can then share with your prospects. Whenever a customer uses your URL to signup on, your company will be associated with this customer and receive credit on all purchases the customer makes on

How long does the review process take?

We typically will respond to your request to become a partner within 2 to 3 business days from the receipt of the request. We may require you provide us with additional information if we deem it necessary.

How do you become a reseller?

If you are an existing Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) or Background Screening company and want to resell our reports to your customers then you have several options to partner with Ferretly. If you are a reseller, you have the added ability to white label the background reports with your company logo, address and website URL. Resellers can then purchase* and run background reports within the Ferretly application and send these to your customers directly. There are two pricing options for resellers. You can choose to run reports with your own staff and perform adjudication or redress prior to sending to your customers, or have a dedicated Ferretly analyst perform this task. We refer to the later as Analyst Assistance and it is available on all of our plans. * Upfront purchase of a minimum block of 100 reports is required in order to white label the Ferretly reports. We also offer monthly subscriptions for the term of the resale agreement. Please email or call us at (833)-FERRETLY if you are interested in becoming a reseller.

When do i get paid for my referrals?

Ferretly reviews all purchases on a quarterly basis based on calendar quarters. We will provide you with a report detailing your customer purchases along with payment typically within 2 weeks from the close of the prior quarter. You can always login to the partner portal and click on "My Account Details" to review customer purchases in real-time.

How much are the commissions?

We pay 20% of the total purchase amount for each of your customers referred to Ferretly on revenue realized in the first year starting from the date of initial purchase. These are paid every calendar quarter for the prior quarters purchases. Resellers do not receive commissions on sales but rather purchase blocks of credtis at discounted rate and sell the reports at a higher rate or margin to their end customers.

Image by Andrea Leopardi

Our partnership with Ferretly allows us to expand our offering with low upfront investment and no additional human capital.  

Larry, CEO, premier background screening company in Pacific Northwest US.