Public Sector

Social Media Screening has become a must-have to reduce the risk of workplace violence, racial bias, and insider threats.

Millions of public sector employees work tirelessly, out of the public eye, and knowingly agree to place themselves at a higher standard than expected in the commercial workplace. Agency leaders, therefore, seek a workforce driven by a sense of duty, honor, and leadership by quiet example. Commensurate with this dedication to service, Public Sector personnel, whether in uniform or otherwise, accept the notion that exemplary behavior is expected from the day of onboarding and persisting throughout a career.

While the preponderance of commercial employers utilize Social Media Screening, the use case in public sector, particularly in secure environments, is often quite distinct from commercial practice.

Approximately 70% of commercial employers leverage social media screening during the new hire process, and the public sector is now moving rapidly to embrace this tenet of workforce integrity.

Given the explosion of social media usage around the globe, it becomes vital that a contemporary Social Media Screening platform must embrace foundations like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis all within a cloud environment to manage costs. Continuous Monitoring, Self-Service and rapid result turnaround are key. Automated screening must preclude manual approaches.

Enter Ferretly. Our fully-featured application embraces state-of the art algorithms, AI, Sentiment Analysis and advanced machine learning for individual image and content analysis across social media platforms.

Recognizing a gap in hiring and workplace development, Ferretly has built a team of public service specialists steeped in Government service, including classified environments as required. Our goal is to positively affect workforce integrity via  analysis of only publicly accessible electronic information on social media platforms. Given that screening is conducted only on public information, operation on secure government networks is not required. Generated reports by Ferretly are FCRA compliant and legally protected whether conducted by Ferretly or self-service screening by agency personnel. The result is an exemplary hire who is sensitized to positive on-line behavior, augmenting a safe workplace, mitigating Insider Threat and protecting the public image of the hiring agency that often interacts with citizens.

Ferretly is dedicated to helping eliminate digital blind spots to improve Public Sector integrity via world-class social media employee and contractor screening and monitoring.

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