Ferretly combines AI with a robust user-friendly experience to deliver swift social media background checks in a single platform.

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All-in-one platform for social media screening

Ferretly provides the ability to quickly add a candidate, locate their social media profiles, and run an analysis on their public posts including both text and images.  Using our built-in machine learning, behaviors are surfaced for review within the platform and as flagged posts on the reports.  Ferretly also includes web and news articles relating to your subject.

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Behavioral analysis

Identify specific behaviors without the noise that comes from keyword matching approaches. Our Machine Learning algorithm can identify prejudice, threats, disparaging comments, and more from publicly available text and image content.  

Social search

Discover a subject's online presence quickly using our AI-based social profile search that incorporates a billion+ profile OSINT database, facial comparison, and fuzzy matching. Ferretly presents the candidate profiles sorted by confidence so you can easily identify the correct social media profiles.

Image content analysis

Ferretly can identify nudity, drug, and gory/violent images out of the box. It also can analyze memes. Use keywords to extend the image content analysis to identify just about anything that is important to your organization.


Reports tailored to your requirements

Our reports can be customized based on your policies and government regulations. Tell Ferretly how many years of posts to analyze, what content to include, and even brand it with your company colors and logo.

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Legal reports

Ferretly reports are legal and comprehensive. We abide by FCRA, EEOC, and GDPR regulations.

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Flagged posts

Our reports include a set of flagged posts based on specific behavioral attributes sorted chronologically. 

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Post insights

Get a candidate abstract, understand what they discuss most often, and behavioral composition.


Native integrations with all major background screening platforms

Ferretly offers out-of-the-box integrations for many screening platforms and applicant tracking systems along with dozens of third-party integrations. We offer API access at no additional charge.

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20+ integrations

Ferretly includes dozens of pre-built integrations with applicant tracking systems and background screening platforms.

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Seamless data sync

Our API allows for submission of new background report requests, receiving updates on status, and retrieving final report results.

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Data enrichment

Combine Ferretly subject and post meta data with your own to create innovative new solutions to address your unique customer needs.

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