Law Enforcement

Social media screening of your police recruits can enforce a stronger culture, mitigate potential bias, and help maintain trust.

Law enforcement has a tremendous responsibility for maintaining public order and ensuring public safety by preventing and/or detecting criminal activities within our society.  This is only achievable through close relationships and trust with the communities they serve. However, recent attacks on law enforcement from anarchists and those willing to sow chaos for their own agenda have shined a light on every interaction citizens have with the police. One bad apple can sour  sentiment and eliminate any trust police have built up over years.

Social media screening and continuous monitoring of your current workforce can enforce a stronger culture, mitigate potential bias, and help to maintain trust. Police force monitoring serves as a reliable step to ensure you are aware of racial bias and toxic officers that could represent a potential risk to public safety or undermine the relationship police have with citizens.  In today’s cancel culture with heightened sensitivities, social media screening is quickly becoming a key component to ensure officers live up to the unbiased institution demanded by the public.

Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. - Abraham Lincoln

Social media screening should become an integral part of the pre-employment and ongoing re-certification processes.

Using artificial intelligence, public posts can be scanned and monitored for any red flags including hate speech, threats of violence, self-harm, insults, and bullying, and more. Alerts can be sent to those tasked with oversight, eliminating the need for human analysts to monitor an unwieldy amount of posts across a potentially large police force. Social Media Screening can help identify bad actors, biases, and behaviors that could ultimately undermine the community’s faith in their local law enforcement professionals.

By incorporating an intuitive cloud platform and Artificial Intelligence, Ferretly provides a consistent, unbiased and thorough report on a police force quickly and efficiently. Ferretly analyzes only public posts and content and ensures  privacy.  We are both FCRA and EEOC compliant.

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