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Secure the integrity of elections at the hiring phase using Ferretly's social media background screening platform

Social Media Screening

Elevate your candidate evaluation process with Social Media Background Screening, an indispensable tool for gauging character and alignment with your organization’s ethos. This practice is equally essential for election workforces, guaranteeing that election staff resonate with your interests, mission, and principles. Safeguard election integrity by conducting a comprehensive assessment of campaign and election personnel's online presence and activities. Secure the integrity of elections and align with your campaign objectives seamlessly within the hiring process through Ferretly’s innovative social media screening platform.

As the 2024 Presidential election approaches, campaigns are staffing up and states are hiring poll workers. Now, during the hiring process, it’s crucial to assess whether your potential hires align with your organization’s culture and objectives. Social media assessments can head off rogue employees derailing your efforts or corrupting election results. 

Social media screening platforms, like Ferretly, also help mitigate the risk of hiring bias. By categorizing behaviors based on thorough AI and data analysis, hiring managers can review social media behaviors while simultaneously reducing therisk of Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) violations.

Who can you screen using Ferretly?

You can screen anyone. Ferretly finds relevant publicly available social media profiles and scans up to ten years of content. That content (text and image) is run through rigorous AI and categorized into unbiased groups. You receive a standardized report with a summary and data-based score that can help you evaluate ideal candidate fit. Here are some examples of how Ferretly can benefit the election workforce:

Campaign Staff

Hiring the right campaign staff can make or break your campaign. It’s about the talent, but also about the integrity of your people and their alignment with your organizational values. Using Ferretly for pre-hire social media assessments you can ferret out behaviors like:

  • Political speech
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Weapons
  • Extremist symbols
  • And much more, click here to learn about our behavior flags

Canvassers and Ballot Chasers

These are the people you trust to go unsupervised door to door. The people spreading your message and interacting with citizens. How much do you really know about them? Before you hire someone to knock on a stranger’s door you could use Ferretly to run a social media background check and look for any of these behaviors:

  • Political speech - are they aligned with your message
  • Weapons - are they safe to send door to door
  • Profanity and disparaging language - are they going to present themselves professionally
  • Read about our behavior flags to learn more

Poll Workers

According to the 2016 Election Administration and Voting Survey, during the 2016 election, election officials operated 116,990 polling places. The massive workforce required to operate those polling stations amounted to 917,694 poll workers. Local and State officials can screen poll workers to eliminate risk of biased or inappropriate behavior on or around election day. In a world where every ballot is questioned, you can curb doubt using Ferretly by screening during the application process.

There were 116,990 polling places and 917,694 poll workers in place for the 2016 election

The Presidential Election of 2024 will undoubtedly be the year where every ballot and every employee is scrutinized. The private and public sector are moving rapidly to embrace social media screening as a tool to enhance workforce integrity.

Given the explosion of social media usage around the globe, it becomes vital that a contemporary social media screening platform must embrace foundations like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Sentiment Analysis all within a cloud environment to manage costs. Continuous monitoring, self-service and rapid result turnaround are key. Automated screening must preclude manual approaches to avoid bias and ensure EEOC compliance.

Enter Ferretly. Our fully-featured application embraces state-of the art algorithms, AI, Sentiment Analysis and advanced machine learning for individual image and content analysis across social media platforms.

Screening is conducted only on public information so operation on secure government networks is not required. Reports generated by Ferretly are FCRA compliant as compared to manually reviewing social media profiles. The result is an exemplary hire who is sensitized to positive on-line behavior, augmenting a safe workplace, mitigating insider threat and protecting the public image of your organization.

Ferretly is dedicated to helping eliminate digital blind spots to improve election integrity via world-class social media employee and contractor screening and monitoring.

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