Social media screening can provide relevant information to a case, help establish character, and provide evidence in fraud or criminal case.

Social media screenings are being used today by the investigative community to provide relevant information to a case, help establish character, provide evidence in fraud or criminal case, or even disqualify an alibi. But social media investigations are often time-consuming and performed manually leading to errors and omissions of potentially important information. Ferretly solves this problem through the use of artificial intelligence – providing a thorough snapshot of a subject’s social media posts in under 30 minutes as well as on-going monitoring over a set period. Ferretly is a powerful platform that gives investigators rapid insight into social media posts for juror vetting, custody cases, divorces, fraud, and criminal trials.

Ferretly has positioned its platform to assist investigators with these types of cases as part of background checks and risk assessment in the areas of jury selection, domestic disputes and investigations, and a myriad of court cases. Our machine learning algorithms are custom-tailored to analyze both text and images from all public posts, likes, replies, reposts, and comments. We can even perform image content analysis based on custom keywords. For example, if you were investigating a worker's compensation claim, enter the keyword “running” and let Ferretly flag any post having an image of jogging or runners.

Ferretly is simply the best social media screening tool our investigations firm has ever used.

Because of the speed in which Ferretly can process a subject’s posts, it is ideally suited for jury selection vetting. Ferretly helps establish character, and gives insightinto a possible juror's lifestyle can provide valuable information yielding potential biases that they may have that could profoundly influence a trial's outcome.

Social media activity can establish location, time, and corroborate or refute an alibi. But traditional methods for social media investigations are time-consuming and costly. As a result, this information often goes unchecked or is missed during a manual scan. Let Ferretly’s AI do the heavy lifting by extracting the relevant information and analyzing it for political speech, threats of violence, self-harm, and more. Once you have the posts in Ferretly, you can easily browse the output and produce custom reports for your clients.

Evidence gleaned from social media can change the outcome of a court case, and therefore it is paramount that all relevant evidence is available to bear in your client's favor. While this is an essential factor, it can come at a cost or often too late. The power of Ferretly helps mitigate these challenges by utilizing machine learning and custom search terms related explicitly to your investigation that can yield photographs, locations, and activities that assist in building the case. Ferretly conforms to both Federal and State guidelines when it comes to social media privacy.

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