Using Ferretly to Reduce the Risk of Workplace Violence

Understanding new California Legislation and how Ferretly can help

Using Ferretly to Reduce the Risk of Workplace Violence

In the wake of increasing concerns about workplace safety, California's Senate Bill 553 (SB 553) has emerged as a pivotal piece of legislation aimed at reducing workplace violence. This bill proposes new requirements for employers, necessitating proactive measures to ensure a safe working environment. This article explores how Ferretly, as a state-of-the-art social media screening tool, can be an instrumental part of employers’ strategies to meet these new requirements and significantly reduce the risk of workplace violence.

Understanding Senate Bill 553

Senate Bill 553 is designed to bolster the safety and security of workplaces by mandating that employers conduct thorough assessments and implement preventative measures against potential threats of violence. This legislation underscores the importance of due diligence in hiring processes and ongoing employee monitoring to identify and mitigate risks before they escalate into serious incidents.

The Role of Social Media Screening

Social media screening has become a critical tool in understanding the behavior and character of current and prospective employees. In the context of SB 553, social media screening can provide insights into behaviors or tendencies that might indicate a propensity for violence or aggression. However, it's essential that this screening is conducted ethically and legally, respecting privacy laws and regulations. Employers need to keep compliance in mind at all times.  

Ferretly: A Solution for Employers

Ferretly stands at the forefront of legal and ethical social media screening, offering a sophisticated platform that can help employers navigate the requirements of SB 553 effectively. Here’s how Ferretly can assist in reducing the risk of workplace violence:

Comprehensive Background Checks

Ferretly goes beyond traditional background checks by analyzing an individual's digital footprint across various social media platforms. This thorough analysis, dating back in many instances up to 10 years, can uncover signs of potentially violent behavior, speech that may incite violence, or affiliations with groups known for violent activities. Such comprehensive checks are invaluable for employers looking to create a safe workplace environment.

Continuous Monitoring

SB 553 emphasizes the importance of ongoing monitoring. Ferretly offers continuous monitoring solutions, ensuring that employers are alerted to any red flags or concerning changes in their employees’ behavior on social media. This proactive approach allows employers to address issues and red flags before they become full-blown problems.

Ethical and Legal Compliance

Ferretly is designed to adhere to all relevant privacy laws and guidelines, ensuring that employers remain compliant with legal standards imposed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) while conducting social media screenings. This aspect is crucial, as SB 553 requires that preventative measures respect individual privacy rights and follow federal and state laws.

Preventative Strategy

By identifying potential risks early, Ferretly enables employers to develop tailored preventative strategies. In fact, SB 553 explicitly requires employers to “establish, implement, and maintain an effective written Workplace Violence Prevention Plan,” and so incorporating Ferretly as an early detection tool is a reliable way to meet this prevention requirement. The social media history insights of new candidates can help employers make proactive decisions - whether it’s offering counseling, mediation, or even reconsidering a hiring decision altogether, Ferretly empowers employers to detect potential issues early and address them head on.

Education and Awareness

Ferretly’s reporting can also serve as an educational tool for employers, shedding light on the types of behaviors that have the potential to lead to violence. This awareness can inform workplace policies, training programs, and employee assistance initiatives aimed at preventing aggression and violence.


Senate Bill 553 represents a significant shift towards proactive measures in preventing workplace violence. By leveraging advanced tools like Ferretly for social media screening, employers can meet the bill’s requirements while fostering a safer work environment. The benefits of such an approach extend beyond legal compliance; they contribute to creating a culture of safety, respect, and responsibility. As we move forward, the integration of technology like Ferretly in workplace safety strategies will undoubtedly play a crucial role in mitigating the risks of violence, ensuring a secure and positive environment for all employees.

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