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Align candidate character to corporate values through social media background checks. Improve workplace culture, reduce turnover, create a more safe environment, and mitigate risk to your brand.

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The most advanced social media screening platform on the market

AI-powered social media profile search

Ferretly's innovative approach to social profile discovery is unparalleled in the industry. Our algorithm leverages facial comparison and fuzzy matching techniques to quickly and accurately locate your candidate's online presence.

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Thorough and insightful social media reports

The social media background checks are legal, comprehensive and insightful. You can customize our reports to fit your requirements including abstract, analytics, web/news, custom keywords, branding, and more.

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Analysis of the most widely used social media platforms

Over 95% of social media users have a presence on one or more of the platforms we analyze. No other company can match our social media background checks.

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More features to fortify your brand

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Post insights

Our social media background checks give you more than a set of flagged posts. We provide key analytics so you can make quick decisions about your candidate.

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Text and Image Analysis

Ferretly provides a deeper analysis of your candidate's posts. We can flag based on 11 behaviors plus custom keywords.

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Customizable Reports

The Ferretly report can be customized based on your requirements including control over content, behaviors, and custom branding.

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Legally Compliant

Ferretly follows all federal and state/provincial laws when it comes to pre-employment social media screening and protecting your data. This includes FCRA, EEOC, GDPR, and DPF.

AI-Powered Social Media Background Checks for Stronger Workplace Cultures

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Integrates with the most widely used platforms


Ferretly is used across industry and government

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Public sector

It's important for the public sector to build trust with the citizens and communities they serve. Eliminate bias, workplace violence, and insider threats with Ferrretly's social media background checks.

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When you hire top talent like actors, athletes, brand ambassadors, reality TV personalities, and influencers - make sure you've done your homework. Get full social media background checks with Ferretly.

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Fraud and financial crimes cost companies billions a year. Reduce fraudulent claims, investment scams, corruption and improve risk models with social media screening from Ferretly.


Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients say.

"The service provided by the Ferretly team offers unprecedented customer service and the system is easy to use. This is a crucial tool I have used for many projects large and small and they always deliver as promised."

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"More and more people are requesting we check for a social media presence of potential applicants. It has been very helpful. Ferretly allows us to include another form of screening to our clients.

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"We are extremely happy with Ferretly. They have helped streamline our process and provided us a nice client friendly report. The ease of use and the clean customizable report has been a breath of fresh air compared to our old vendor."

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