Ferret out the risk.

Limit your employment risk with AI powered social media background screening.   Ferretly can identify employees and candidates that have exhibited undesirable behavior by analyzing both text and images from a subject's social media profiles.

Get a thorough background report in minutes.

Go beyond the traditional background screen and start hiring smarter with social media background checks.  EEOC and FCRA compliant reports delivered to your inbox within minutes.

The smartest background screening application on the market.

Ferretly analyzes posts and images across 12 distinct risk classifications using advanced machine learning.  We can process thousands of posts from a single subject in seconds and you get a more thorough analysis than a human could achieve in hours analyzing the same set of posts. Here's a sample of some of the risks we can detect.








No monthly or annual contracts.  Only pay for the number of searches you need.

Note: Enterprise agreements including annual subscriptions are available.  Please contact sales@ferretly.com to learn more.

How it works

Ferretly makes running social media background checks effortless.  Signup, enter your candidate's name and associate their social media profiles, and run the background check. It's as easy as 1-2-3. 
Signup with your email and a credit card.  You can add credits when you signup or later.
Enter your candidates name and associate their social media profiles.  Ferretly can even find the profiles for you.
After you have added your subject, Simply click on the run check button.  Within about 30 minutes* you will be notified your background check is complete.

* Times will vary.  Based on average time to generate a report.


Ferretly is used across all industries and government to manage employment risk.

Ferretly is a one-of-a-kind background screening application for organizations of all sizes to reduce risk in their hiring processes by identifying those candidates that have exhibited harassment, prejudice, violence, or other questionable activities through their public social media history.  Take a look below at just some of the applications.


The Ferretly Difference

Legally compliant report in minutes*
Comprehensive analysis of your candidate's public posts using artificial intelligence to analyze both text and images
Not just a report but a full featured application -- including subject and post management, archiving and reporting

* Times will vary.  Average time to generate a report is approximately 30 minutes.  Total time to generate a background report depends upon several factors including number of posts being analyzed, image composition and current system load.


Are you a CRA or background screening company and interested in becoming a partner?

With Ferretly, hiring no longer has to be Risky Business!

Reality Winner, an NSA Contractor that leaked classified material on Russian Election Interference in early 2017 was sentenced to more than 5 years in federal prison.  Watch the video to see how Ferretly could have identified her risky posts including political extremism in under 30 minutes.

$12,800 Savings

Avoiding toxic hires can save companies about $12,800 in turnover costs.

-Research conducted by Dylan Minor, Michael Housman, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University

To thoroughly review a candidate’s social media history on your own, it takes hours of manual effort and typically you will only be able to review a fraction of their total posts. In addition, for those firms doing it themselves, it is mostly a subjective review.  We take a comprehensive approach by going back 5 years and take the subjectivity out of the equation by measuring the aggregate risk associated with all of the posts including images.

Highly Efficient

By not considering your candidate’s social media history in your hiring process, you are introducing tremendous risk to your organization, your brand, your customers and potentially your revenue and profits.  And to ensure a cultural fit to your organization, there is no better way to make this determination than to review your candidate’s public comments. Ferretly allows you to vet your candidate's social media history easily while maintaining their privacy.

Reduced Risk

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently ruled that it is perfectly legal for employers to scan an applicant’s social history for publicly posted content as part of a job application as well as other valid uses as dictated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). And by outsourcing social media scans, you can avoid the legal pitfalls of seeing possible protected class information such as candidate's age, gender, religion, disabilities or race governed by EEOC.

Fully Compliant

If you have more questions check out the frequently asked questions.

Amazing product.  I was up and running in less than a minute.  30 Minutes later, I had a thorough background report.



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Ferretly International, LLC provides forward thinking technologies that help organizations better manage risk.  By incorporating machine learning and a modern cloud-based architecture, we are at the cutting edge of applying big data solutions and artificial intelligence to improve overall security and risk intelligence for the customers we serve.

For sales or support call us at 833-FERRETLY.

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