The New Scouting Ground: How Social Media Screening Boosts Pro Soccer Teams

Win the game on the field and off the field.

The New Scouting Ground: How Social Media Screening Boosts Pro Soccer Teams

The world of professional soccer is fiercely competitive. Every advantage counts, from on-field tactics to player selection to the staff behind the scenes. In today's digital age, a new scouting ground has emerged: social media. But it's not just about spotting highlight reels. This is where social media screening comes in, offering a valuable tool for Major League Soccer (MLS), Premier League, and all major league teams to build a well-rounded squad and staff.

1. Unveiling a Player's Character:

Million-dollar legs won't win championships if a player can't handle the pressure or is a disciplinary nightmare. Social media screening allows you to assess a player's personality, work ethic, and decision-making outside the structured training environment. A history of offensive posts or controversial interactions can be an unwanted behavior.

2. Assessing Team Fit:

Chemistry is crucial in any team sport. Social media can reveal a player's attitude toward teammates, coaches, and the club itself. Does their online presence show respect for authority and a collaborative spirit? This can show past patterns helpful in assessing how well they integrate into the existing team dynamic.

3. Identifying Potential Brand Ambassadors:

Professional soccer players are more than just athletes; they're brand representatives.  Social media screening can help identify players who are already comfortable engaging with fans and promoting the team and its sponsors in a positive light. Look for players who actively connect with supporters and demonstrate strong communication skills.

4. Mitigating Public Relations Disasters:

A single ill-advised post can damage a player's reputation and the team's brand. Social media screening allows you to identify potential risks beforehand. By understanding a player's online behavior, you can implement social media training and guidelines to minimize the possibility of PR nightmares.

5. Identifying Hidden Gems:

Social media isn't just for established stars. Look for players actively engaging with fan communities or local leagues. They might be using social media to show off their skills and dedication, potentially revealing hidden gems that might not be on the radar of traditional scouting methods.

6. Staff and Coaches:

The benefits of social media screening extend beyond players.  For coaches and staff, it can reveal potential hires who are passionate about the sport and committed to professionalism.  Are they constantly promoting their coaching philosophies or sharing insightful analysis? This could signify someone who stays up-to-date with the game and inspires their players.

Recently, a professional coach's decade-old offensive social media posts resurfaced after his hiring, causing outrage and leading to his dismissal within a day. This incident highlights the importance of social media screening during recruitment, helping avoid potential reputational damage and fostering a more inclusive work environment.


Social media screening should be just one piece of the puzzle. Combine Ferretly’s social media screening solution with traditional scouting methods and psychological evaluations to create a complete picture. Gain valuable insights to help you build a winning team on and off the field. So, next time you're searching for that next superstar, remember to check their social feed!

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