Embracing Social Media Screening: A Must for Modern Recruiters

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Embracing Social Media Screening: A Must for Modern Recruiters

Contrary to the view of some financial and business leaders who may regard Human Resources and recruiting as mere overhead, the truth is far more significant. Without the dedicated individuals who staff these departments, no company could develop its products, market them effectively, or provide stellar customer service. Identifying and securing the perfect match for each role is not just a routine task; it's essential for business survival and growth.

Yet, the challenge of finding and attracting top talent is immense. It demands a combination of adept skills, strategic planning, sufficient manpower, and a comprehensive HR and Talent Acquisition (TA) technology suite. Without these tools at their disposal, organizations risk not only the difficulty of filling positions but the grave mistake of onboarding individuals who might engage in behaviors detrimental to the company’s wellbeing, affecting everyone from its employees to its shareholders.

Recruiters: The First Line of Defense

Recruiters play a pivotal role in safeguarding the company’s interests by ensuring the right individuals are brought on board. Their responsibilities extend far beyond merely sourcing and attracting talent. They nurture potential hires, assess them for the requisite skills and experiences, and have traditionally been in charge of conducting background checks, drug tests, and reference verifications—long-standing methods that still form the core of HR technology today.

The Evolution of Social Media Screening

However, the landscape of employee conduct (and misconduct) has evolved, prompting a necessary shift in how organizations approach candidate screening. In an effort to bridge existing gaps, hiring managers have increasingly turned to informal methods such as Googling candidates or reviewing their social media profiles. This practice has become so prevalent that approximately 75% of hiring managers admit to researching candidates on social media, with a significant 80% deciding against hiring based on their findings online, according to ResumeBuilder.

This approach, however, is fraught with challenges. These informal methods expose sensitive information related to protected classes, so recruiters are putting their company and their jobs at risk with federal regulators including the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). Not to mention, the vast amount of data available online makes manual screening impractical and not the best (or compliant) way to glean what’s actually useful for recruiters to know. Furthermore, verifying the ownership of social media profiles can be tricky, leading to potential misidentifications.

So given all these challenges, is there a way for recruiters to consistently, effectively, and above all, legally develop a social media screening process that empowers them to acquire and retain top talent for their companies? The short answer is: yes, through Ferretly.

The New Frontier in Candidate Screening: Ferrety

It's clear that recruiters need to adapt their screening methodologies to align with the digital age, similar to the adjustments hiring managers have made, but in a manner that is more efficient, cost-effective, and compliant with regulations. Incorporating social media screening into recruitment policies and adding online screening solutions to the talent acquisition technology stack can modernize the screening process. This not only helps in identifying potentially harmful behaviors before they affect the workplace but also ensures that the hiring process remains fair and compliant with legal standards.

Ferretly is becoming indispensable in the quest for a safer and more productive workplace. By leveraging AI-powered social media background checks, recruiters can enhance the quality of their hires and maintain a workplace environment that is both safe and compliant. After all, embracing social media screening is no longer optional -- it's a critical component of a modern recruitment strategy that benefits companies’ bottom lines. By updating screening policies and integrating online screening solutions like Ferretly, recruiters can navigate the complexities of the digital world efficiently. This approach not only aids in uncovering misconduct but also ensures a consistent, legally defensible hiring process.

Explore how our innovative solutions for social media screening can revolutionize your recruitment process. With Ferretly, you can stay ahead of the curve, ensuring your hires contribute positively to your organization while maintaining compliance and fostering a safe, inclusive workplace environment.

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