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The Ferretly Platform

Ferretly is a full-featured, cloud-based platform that incorporates advanced machine learning for text and image content analysis.  Analyze up to 10 years of public posts* from a candidate's Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Reddit.
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More Thorough Analysis

Ferretly takes social media screening to the next level. By combining human analysts with advanced machine learning we can deliver the most comprehensive analysis of social media in record time.  We analyze original posts, likes, comments, replies, reposts along with the images on each post.  We even extract and analyze the text from memes.  Ferretly analyzes up to 7 years of history for FCRA compliant searches and up to 10 years* for non-FCRA use/cases.

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* Note Social media platforms may place limits on the number of posts Ferretly can access, therefore it is possible that not all posts will be included in the analysis.

Behaviors Identified

Our machine learning algorithms analyze your subject's posts and images and can identify behaviors across 14 different categories.  The following behavioral attributes are identified as part of the social media screening process. When confidence levels reach a minimum threshold, Ferretly will flag the post based on the highest confidence.  Ferretly also will flag based on image content to include custom keywords you enter.


Derogatory, abusive, and/or threatening statements toward a specific group of people typically on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation.


Statements considered relating to politics or governmental affairs.  This could include politicians, policies, or the political process. These often focus on specific issues such as abortion, environmental, immigration, etc.


Name-calling or derogatory statements toward an individual about their physical characteristics such as weight, height, looks, intelligence, etc.


Profanity, cursing, swearing or in general crude or vulgar words and phrases


Indications of wanting to hurt oneself or take one’s own life intentionally


Includes expressions relating to sexual misconduct that could be considered sexually demeaning or sexual harassment


Statements expressing radical viewpoints typically related to politics or religion and considered far outside of mainstream attitudes


An intent to inflict harm or loss of another person’s life.


A way of communicating that is considered to be rude, disrespectful, blaming, labelling or using guilt.


Statements related to drugs and alcohol use including slang words, street names, and phrases.


Images of pills, syringes, paraphernalia and alcohol.  It may include smoking, drinking, and injections.


Images of disfigurations, open wounds, burns, crime scenes and guns/weapons


Mostly explicit nudity, adult content, pornographic content


Flags posts based on matches (text or images) to custom keywords provided.  Keywords can be designated negative, positive or neutral.

Comprehensive Reports

The social media background reports are legal, comprehensive and insightful. You can also customize it to fit your requirements including adding your own logo.

Comprehensive Social Media Report


Ferretly gives the analyst the tools they need to quickly assess the candidate and their posts including intuitive navigation of the risk factors and sentiment.  Correct false flags, redact images, tag posts and search are just some of the features built-into the platform.

Ferretly Risk Makeup
Flags for Violent Images

Image Content Analysis

Ferretly analyzes every image on every post even if there are multiple images per post.  Our image behavior classifications include racy/explicit, violent (guns, knives, fighting, gore), and drug and alcohol related images. With Ferretly, you can even specify custom keywords and it will flag the post if the image contains related content.  

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Continuous Screening 

With continuous screening, you can easily monitor what your employees are saying online. Enable continuous monitoring for any number of subjects and choose your frequency such as daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually or annually and let Ferretly do the rest.  You will receive email alerts if any new posts from your subjects are identified as potential risks.


Web and News Search

In addition to social media posts, Ferretly will search for any related news and web page articles that are relevant to your candidate. These results are optional and can also be included in the background report.

Easily Customizable

Configure your flag settings and enter custom keywords and phrases.  Ferretly will flag for both text and image content based on your settings. You can even tell Ferretly what to include on the reports.

Easily Configurable Platform

Integrate with Ease

Ferretly includes a simple yet powerful RESTful API that allows for integration to custom applications in minutes. Add new subjects, get status on progress, access the report and more.

The Ferretly Difference

  • Largest set of sources and risk classifications in the industry

  • Image content analysis including memes and custom keywords

  • Built-in workflow including multi-user, assignment and notifications

  • Thorough, efficient, and insightful reports

  • Image and profile redaction for EEOC compliance

  • Word Cloud, Sentiment Analysis and risk makeup

  • Continuous Screening/Monitoring

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Experience Ferretly for yourself

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