Smart Social Media Background Screening.

With a full-featured application and advanced machine learning for image and content analysis, ferretly makes social media background screening a breeze.  

Fast, Accurate, Effortless.

Ferretly is a one-of-a-kind social media background screening application that makes running background checks on candidates effortless.  Our machine learning algorithms analyze your subject's posts and images and can identify risks across 12 different categories.

Ferretly provides you with more than just a background report -- we give you a full application environment in the cloud to make it easier to manage your subjects and reports and review your candidates posts from anywhere and on any device. Ferretly can scale from a single search to millions.

Full Featured Application

Subject Management

Load as many subjects as you want then choose to run background checks individually or on a group* at the same time.  You can choose to rerun checks on any of your subjects to re-score based on their latest posts.

* Currently limited to 5 simultaneous background check submissions.

Deep Dive Into Flagged Posts

View a subject's posts across their social media platforms in one place.  You can choose to view all of their posts or just their flagged posts.  You can also choose to view posts based on sentiment.

Fully Customizable

You have complete control over which risk classifications you want Ferretly to analyze and flag.  In addition, you can specify what types of posts to include in your background report.

Web and News Search

In addition to social media posts, Ferretly will search for any related news and web page articles that are relevant to your candidate.  These results are optional and can also be included in the background report.

Comprehensive Reports

The social media background reports you get from Ferretly are legal, comprehensive and insightful.  

Clear insight into the risks associated with your subject

We calculate an overall social media score by combining sentiment analysis with machine learning to flag high risk posts.  This approach provides uniformity for candidate comparisons.

Stay EEOC compliant with the ability to redact images

You can redact images in Ferretly that could possibly expose protected class information.  You have complete control of which images you want redacted and all changes will be reflected in the background report.

A legal and comprehensive 

report in minutes

Ferretly delivers legally defensible report to your inbox in minutes.  The report provides all relevant information, including post insights and a listing of posts based on risk triggers.

Works seamlessly across all of your devices

Ferretly is fully responsive, so no matter what device you want to use Ferretly will work smoothly and intuitively.  It also supports all modern browsers.

Meme Analysis

Ferretly can analyze the text on memes in addition to violence, drug/alcohol and explicit/racy image analysis.  We extract the text and analyze the risks according to the risk classifications you choose and flag the memes accordingly.

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