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Choose on demand pricing if you plan on running reports infrequently.  Subscription pricing provides you with a fixed set of reports on a monthly or annual basis and at a discount.  If you require continuous screening choose our Enterprise plan.  You can also signup for free and upgrade to one our paid plans later.  

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Wholesale pricing and report white label available on all paid plans

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  All plans require a valid credit card including free signup (your credit card will not be charged when choosing free)

* FCRA compliance limits analysis of public data to 7 years.  For Non-FCRA use/cases, Ferretly will analyze up to 10 years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do my credits expire after a certain amount of time?

No, your credits do not expire. Please note that if there is no activity on your account within a 6 month timeframe, Ferretly reserves the right to inactivate your account. You would be notified one week prior to your account becoming inactive.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes. We offer highly competitive pricing and significant discounts on orders with higher volume of reports. After you signup and choose your plan, you are presented with package options which include the discounted price. Choose a monthly subscription if you want additional discounts.

Do you offer wholesale pricing to CRA's?

Yes, we have a reseller program for CRA's and Background Screening companies and also offer wholesale pricing to Investigative firms. Please visit our partner page to learn more.

Do I need a credit card to try the product?

Yes, a valid credit card is required to signup. Your card will not be charged if you choose Signup Free.

What if I don't know the candidate's social media profiles?

If you purchase a Professional or Enterprise plan, Ferretly provides a people search capability that can return social media profiles based on a name and location. In addition, Ferretly offers a turnkey solution for customers that simply want to provide us with a candidate or subject and have a comprehensive social media report returned to them. By choosing the ANALYST ASSISTANCE option with your credit selection, a Ferretly analyst will ensure the correct social media profiles are included in the analysis. We also review all posts that the AI flags as potential risks for accuracy prior to sending the report back to you.