What's New

Version 2.6.1

AUGUST 15, 2021

1) Performance improvements and bug fixes.

2) Search improvements including ability to view search results in posts view and report

3) New Owner Background Report

4) Validity checks on data for subject assignment

5) Application white label

March 14, 2021

1) Added People Search capability to locate people and their social media profiles.

2) Ability to add up to 2 social media profiles per platform.

3) Updates to improve overall performance.

February12, 2021

1) Added post tagging.

2) Added the ability to include custom web posts (URLs).

3) Added the ability to change report background colors.

4) Added TikTok source.

5) Added post analysis for Facebook Check-ins and Is-With type posts.

December 12, 2020

1) Added post multi-selection and export to Excel.

2) Ability to change a flag on a post via post feedback page.

3) Ability to anonymized profile pictures.

4) Ability to include/exclude post insights from background reports.

5) Ability to restrict other users to subjects they own.