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Tagged Posts Help

You can add one or more tags to any post in Ferretly.  Tags can be used to organize posts and can be searched across all of your subjects.  You can also download a report based on the posts you have tagged by simply changing your drop down selection on view type to "Tagged Posts", and then clicking on the download icon and then choose "Generate a report for all of this subject's posts based on current view" option.

In order to add a tag, choose "Tag Post" from the post action menu.  This is accessible by clicking on the social media icon on the post card.  If a post already has one or more tags, then you can simply click on the tag icon at bottom of the post card to edit the existing tags or add a new tag(s).

Note: Tags will not be included in the background report.  You must choose Tagged Posts view in the view dropdown on post pages and use the download option to generate a report of your tag posts to include the tag descriptions.

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