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Subjects Help

You can view all of your subjects from the Subjects page which is accessible from the left navigation menu.  This page will show you all of your subjects sorted by most recent added to oldest.  This page will also show you the subject's social media handles, count of flagged posts and subject's score and when the background report was run.  

Clicking on the subject name will show a preview of the subject and allow you to edit the subject's properties and handles. You can also click on the circle ellipse to reveal the actions you can take including showing the subject in the dashboard, viewing their posts and refreshing the background report.   You can also download the background report via this menu or by clicking on the PDF icon next to the subject's score.


Note:  If the button to the right of the subject states "Run Check", this means you have not run a background report on that particular subject.

You can add a new subject by clicking on the add subject icon on the menu bar.  Please see adding subjects for more information.

You can edit a subject, including the name, additional properties and subject handles by clicking on the name in the subject list to display the subject preview and then clicking on the expand icon on the top right of this page. 


From the subject page, you can archive a subject which removes all posts other than flagged posts and removes the subject from the main view. In the subject page action menu, you can always select Archived Subjects to include those subjects previously archived in your view. See archived subjects

If you want to print a copy of your subjects, you can click on the download PDF icon in the menu bar.

You can also select all of your subjects in the list (up to a total of 1000) by clicking on the fly-out menu icon in the menu bar of the subjects page and clicking on "Select All".  From this menu you can also show only your subjects by choosing "My Subjects".


The Screening option will show only subjects with Continuous Screening Active (Enterprise plan required).  You can also import subjects from this menu and change sort options.


You can also filter subjects by entering a partial name in the Filter Subjects input box.  The filter is based on both the name and tags of the subject found in additional properties.

The subject fly-out menu (horizontal ellipses to the right of the score) allows you to download the background report, refresh the report, view posts, view dashboard, mark a subject as redressed, and assign the subject to another user or Ferretly Analyst.  

If you have an Enterprise Plan you can also configure a subject for continuous screening.  

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