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Subject Assignment

If you have a Professional or Enterprise plan you can add users to your organization and share subjects and reports.  You can also assign subjects to other users in your organization or a Ferretly Analyst if your plan includes Analyst Assistance.  In addition, if you have Analyst Assistance, the Add Subject wizard - last step will include a Submit button.  This button will assign the subject to a Ferretly Analyst.  

When you assign a subject to another user they will receive an email notification and the subject ownership will be changed to this user.  This is visually represented by the share icon next to the subject's name. Hovering over this icon will indicate who owns the subject.

When you assign a subject to a Ferretly Analyst, the status of this subject will be changed to ANALYST QUEUED.  In this case, a Ferretly Analyst will be notified and they will begin processing your subject. If you are using a Ferrety analyst to run your reports, we recommend you provide an address for your subject, their age and at least one of high school, college, or employer in order for the Ferretly analyst to perform proper identity resolution.

You can assign a subject by selecting the subject or subjects to be assigned, and then clicking on the assign icon on the subject page menu bar.  From here you can choose your user or Ferretly Analyst. You can also assign a subject via the subject action menu.

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