Product Spotlight

Below are the major new features in the latest release (November 2021) of the Ferretly AI-Powered Social Media Screening Platform.

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Word Cloud

Ferretly now includes a word cloud in both the platform and report.  A word cloud provides insight into the topics your subject refers to most often in their posts. The larger the word, the higher the frequency. The color of the word indicates whether they are speaking positively (green) or negatively (red) about the topic.

New Risk Classifications

Ferretly will now flag posts for sexual impropriety and potential indications of terrorism/extremism.  Sexual impropriety includes expressions relating to sexual misconduct that could be considered sexually demeaning or sexual harassment. Terrorism/extremism are statements expressing radical viewpoints typically related to politics or religion and considered outside of mainstream attitudes..
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More Refined Reports

We've added a nickname/alias property in Ferretly that is used by our web search algorithm and included as part of a revamp of the reports.  Alias, address and email are now displayed on the cover page.  And you can also add your own custom disclaimer text as an addendum.

Want to learn more?

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