Product Spotlight

Below are the major new features in the latest release of the Ferretly AI-Powered Social Media Screening Platform.

Watch the video on the latest features 

Watch the overview of the new features in the latest release of Ferretly AI-Powered social media screening.

Continuous Screening

Ferretly now includes the ability to continuously screen your candidates or employees' social media posts.  You choose the frequency of the screening and notifications from daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annually and Ferretly does the rest.  If any posts are flagged you will be sent a notification by email.

Subject Import

With a Professional or Enterprise plan you now have the ability to import a list of subjects from a CSV or Microsoft Excel file. You can map your columns to subject properties including the social media profiles. 

LinkedIn Analysis

Ferretly now analyzes LinkedIn profiles including original posts, likes, and comments.  

Multi-User Support

Invite other users to join your organization in Ferretly.  Share subjects, access all reports, and allows you to centralize the screening process.

Additional Features and Enhancements

Ferretly has been improved in a number of ways.  See below for a list of additional features and enhancements to the platform.

  1. You now have an option for different plans including a basic plan for a 3-year history, professional plan for 7 years and includes multi-user support and subject import. Enterprise plan includes continuous screening.

  2. Better accuracy for narcotics, threats of violence, insults and bullying and self-harm.

  3. Improved image analysis performance.

  4. You can now enter a full social media profile URL in both the subject property page as well as the edit handles page.

  5. The subject's social media profiles on the subject page are now condensed and moved to tooltips allowing for cleaner and better use of page real estate.

  6. Ferretly now supports login notifications.

  7. Ability to sort your subjects by date added (default) as well as name, date run and score.

  8. You can filter your subjects to only show subjects you created or were assigned to you.

  9. Your plan type is displayed in My Account page.  Clicking the plan button will provide useful information about your subscription.

  10. Overall bug fixes and performance improvements.

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