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Settings Help

You can change specific default behaviors, including how Ferretly scores your subjects, and what to include on your background reports from the settings page.  You get to the settings page by clicking on the settings icon in the navigation menu. Any change you make to a particular setting is automatically saved.

You can also save your settings to an additional profile by clicking the save as new profile icon next to the profile dropdown on the menu bar of the settings page. Additional profiles are useful when you want to run subjects using various setting configurations.

From the Settings page menu bar, you can also set a default profile for new subjects.  To set a new profile:


1. Choose the profile you would like to set as your default profile from the dropdown list.

2. Click the Use this profile for new subjects icon

Any new subjects you create will then use this profile for background checks and report refreshing.


Use the Flag Settings tab of the Settings page to turn on and off specific classifiers.  All of the classifiers, with exception of custom keywords, are ON by default. There may be instances where you want to turn off a specific classifier, for instance, if you deem a specific type of online behavior to not be relevant to your hiring decisions. When you turn off a specific classifier, Ferretly will not flag posts that meet that classification and it will no longer impact the subject's score.

Note: Turning off a classification will only impact future background checks -- it WILL NOT change the score for the subject's background checks previously run. However, if you toggle off a classifier, post-run, and refresh the report, then the risk makeup graph will not reflect this particular risk classification.


Use the Keywords Settings tab, to flag posts that match specific keywords and/or phrases.  You do this by turning the toggle to ON and then entering your keyword tags in the box below the toggle. See keyword help for more information on keywords.



Check FCRA Compliant Background Check if subject background report will be governed by FCRA rules, such as for a hiring decision.  See FCRA setting help. 

Limit post history to (choose years):  This setting allows you to override the default number of years of post history regardless of FCRA setting.  You can choose from 1 to 10 years of post history.

Email Background Report Upon Completion to. This setting allows you to change the email address that will receive background report notifications.  The email address defaults to the email address you used to set up your Ferretly Account.  By default, this setting is checked.  If you uncheck this setting, then you will not receive background check notifications via email. 

Include Web/News posts on background check and report  Use this setting if you want Ferretly to retrieve web and news articles about your subject when the background check is run.


TIP: The Report Settings affect what elements a report includes at the time it is initially created from running a background check as well as if you "Refresh Report" from the subject page, subject's fly-out menu.

The following are the General Report Settings:

Report background color This setting allows you to change the default background color used in background reports and also any PDF report generated from the posts and subject pages.

Use printer friendly report style  This setting will remove the graphic on the background report cover page, replacing it with a white background.

Include flagged posts and images This setting is used to show a chronological list of flagged posts in the background report.

Hide logos  Use this setting to hide the Ferretly or white-labeled logo on all pages of the report.

Show help pages  When checked, Ferretly will include a page in the report for how to read flagged posts.

Include hyperlinks  Use this setting to allow social media profiles and individual posts to be hot links to the original URL.  

Anonymize profile image  This setting indicates if you want to include an anonymized version of the subject's profile picture on the report.

Exclude handle bio's on cover page This setting is used to exclude the social media profile bio text under the handle on the cover page.

Include Custom Disclaimer Addendum allows you to add a custom disclaimer on your background report. This will replace the default disclaimer text associated with the FCRA and Accuracy page.  Only the Organization Admin can modify the disclaimer text.

The following pertain to Post Insights pages:

Include post insights  This setting indicates if you want to include the two-page post insight section on the background report.

Basic insights (first page only)  This setting will only display the score and risk makeup portion of post insights in the background report.  If you want to only show the risk makeup, check the Exclude score on post insights check box.

Exclude score on post insights This setting is used to remove the score on the first page of post insights.

Show score as 0 when no handles This setting is used to change the score to show as 0 instead of the default value of1000 when the subject has no social media profiles.

The following pertains to Post Sentiment:

Include post sentiment will allow you to show or hide the sentiment icon on the post sections of the background report.

Include negative/[positive sentiment posts If you want to include negative and positive sentiment posts on your background report, you can check these options.  By default, Ferretly will only include Flagged posts in the background report. You can always view your subject's complete post history by going to the Posts page in Ferretly.

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