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Search Help

Ferretly provides the ability to search for both subjects and posts based on keywords and phrases. Note that only posts which have been retrieved as part of a background check are searchable. Ferretly does not search the source social media profiles. 




To find a specific post or subject, enter your criteria in the search bar found in the application menu. Ferretly will return results organized by subject in alphabetical order then by most recent post to oldest post that match your search term.  Clicking on "View Results in Post page" next to the subject will take you to the Posts page for that subject and load the posts from the search.  If you click on a subject that has no prior background check then Ferretly will take you to the posts page with that subject selected, however you must first run a background check on that subject in order to view or search their posts.

Once you are viewing your search results in the post page, you can click on download icon in the page's menu bar and select "Generate report for all of this subject's posts based on current view" to get a PDF of the posts which matched your search criteria.

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