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Scoring Help

The following is the color key for the social media score:
score key.png

The score is calculated based on both sentiment as well as number of flagged posts in relation to the total domain of posts across all of the subject's handles.  

Please note that the score is NOT an indicator of a candidate's risk to the organization, if hired.  


The score is used to represent the sentiment and flag composition of the candidate's posts and should only be used to compare two or more candidates in a consistent and uniform manner.  The user assumes responsibility for analyzing the subject's posts and ultimately making a hiring determination based on their own criteria.

Use settings to disable specific classifiers prior to running a background check if you are hiring someone that has valid reasons for posting in a manner that would trigger a specific flag.  For example, if you were hiring a model you may want to disable the Explicit/Racy Image classifier since they would have more inclination to post these types of images on Instagram for example.

The following are the risk classifications Ferretly will identify:

1. Insults and Bullying

2. Self Harm

3. Narcotics

4. Threat of Violence

5. Political Speech

6. Toxic language
7. Sexual Impropriety
8. Terrorism/Extremism

9. Obscene language

10. Violent Images

11. Hate speech

12. Explicit Images

13. Drug Images

14. Keyword Match

Note: Only Negative keyword matches factor into the score.  

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