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Background Report

There are two ways to run a background report on a subject.  You can run a background report from the Add Subject page once you have associated all of the subject's social media profile handles. Or you can enter your subjects, then go to the subjects page and click on the "Run Check" button next to the subject name.



You can also run background checks on multiple subjects and generate reports for each by selecting the subjects from the subjects page and clicking on the run check icon.


NOTE: You can only run up to 5 background reports at any one time with a Basic plan.  If you have a Professional or Enterprise plan you can run up to 25 background checks at one time.

It typically takes less than 20 minutes to run a background check depending on the number of your subject's posts and quantity of images.   Once the check is complete you will be notified by email. You will also see the subject's score and you can then download the report by clicking on Download Report from the subject action menu or by selecting your subject in the subject page and clicking the download icon from the subject page menu bar and then choosing the first option, download background report.


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