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The posts page is used to view a subject's posts that were collected from running the background check.  Posts are retrieved from the social media profiles you associated with your subject and Ferretly retrieves up to the most recent 1000 posts Facebook, LinkedIn, and Reddit; 2000 posts from Instagram, and TikTok; and 4500 posts from Twitter or 7 years (from each profile), whichever comes first. If you have a Basic plan, then your history will be limited to 3 years. You also have an option for non-FCRA searches if you have the Professional or Enterprise plan, in which case Ferretly will retrieve up to 10 years of history.

Note for Twitter, we analyze replies, retweets, and likes. And for Instagram, LinkedIn, and Reddit we analyze replies/comments. For TikTok Ferretly will get original posts/videos and likes if the subject has made likes publicly accessible.

The posts are sorted by most recent first.  You can determine the source of the post based on the social media icon in the top right of each post card. Additionally, you can view the original post by hovering over the social media icon and choosing "View original post" from the fly-out menu.

When a background check is run and after all of the posts have been retrieved, Ferretly will analyze each post and mark ones that have triggered one of the risk classifiers with a flag that appears on the bottom right of the post card.  If you hover over the flag, it will tell you what classifiers were triggered by either the post content or image or both.

In addition to the flags, Ferretly will analyze the sentiment and indicate this with a neutral, positive, or negative icon in the bottom of the post card. Clicking on the sentiment icon will allow you to toggle the sentiment for the post.

You can choose a different view type using the drop-down menu next to the subject dropdown.  By default, all posts are shown and you can choose to filter the posts by positive or negative sentiment, flagged posts, or tagged posts.   Ferretly also allows you to filter the view based on web/news type posts. Note that the setting "Include Web/News Posts in the background and reports" setting must be checked at the time the background report was run in order to include these types of posts.

If you perform a search in Ferretly using the application menu for Searching Subjects and Posts, then you can display the results of a specific subject's posts that match your search criteria in the posts page using the "Search Results" view.

If you choose the Flagged Posts view, you can then show the risk selectors and filter your posts based on a specific risk classification. You can also filter your posts by date range, including showing all posts from All Time, Past 30 Days, or from the Last Screen (requires continuous screening as part of an Enterprise plan).

For Web/News type posts, you can remove these from Ferretly by using the post-fly-out menu and selecting "Remove post".  This will allow you to remove posts that are not relevant to your subject. Note you must refresh the report in order to have these changes reflected in the background report.

Note, by clicking the download button on the post menu bar, you can download one or more posts to a PDF.  You can multi-select posts in the post view by holding the Ctrl/Command button and clicking on individual posts you want to include in your PDF.  In addition, you can download all posts in the current view or choose to export the post metadata to an Excel file.

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