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Employees returning to work? Social media screening can mitigate risks to your workforce.

Organizations are pivoting as fast as they can to answer the challenges posed by the global pandemic. As we begin thinking about re-opening our businesses, it’s important to have a plan in place for transitioning your employees back into the workplace. Whether you are hiring or on a lull, employers have a responsibility to ensure their employees are provided a safe workplace environment.

One of the ways to mitigate risks to the workforce is to perform social media background checks and ongoing monitoring. With an increase of employees working remotely, social media usage is on the rise. With that also means a heightened concern for risk and unwarranted feelings that may arise due to the global pandemic. Making smart and informed hiring decisions using social media background screening will allow employers to create a foundation of trust and safety for both customers and employees.

According to a recent article in Forbes, “employers have a legal duty to ensure that a prospective worker does not present a danger to the organization or its client.”Now more than ever, employees want to feel safe, feel heard, and feel that their company is looking out for them.“Once a candidate is hired, employers are responsible for supervising their employees and ensuring that a worker’s retention does not present probable harm to the organization or its clients. Employers who fall below their duty of care and negligently hire or retain a worker could be liable for that worker’s bad acts.”

What does this new landscape all mean? Having a clear understanding of your candidates, and making sure your toolbox is equipped with the right tools, is even more important. Social media background screening reports play a vital role in mitigating risk, and allowing you to see undesirable behavior online or potential threats to your employees.

As the months go on and we continue to stay home, we need to be aware of online activity, implications to our company and employees, and the importance of bringing on vetted candidates. Social media background screening can be incredibly valuable to your team. As it can also be used to detect if your employees could be feeling sick.

Having a platform or third-party take over this function of your hiring process, enables you to humanize a candidate and gather more information about a candidate’s personality and character, in a safe, compliant environment. With the lack of in-person interviews right now, this could ultimately provide a much deeper insight into how a candidate truly behaves.

As the country works on a three-phased approach to what will be our “new normal”, we have been advised by public health experts on the best ways to reopen, while protecting lives. Released by the White House and CDC, is a set of guidelines to help re-open our economy, get people back to work, with safety as the top priority. This approach is based on "updated data and readiness, mitigating risks of resurgence, protecting the most vulnerable, and implementing on statewide or county basis at individual Governors’ discretion."

Responding to a crisis is never ordinary, but answering the needs created by a global health emergency is especially challenging. We want to help you incorporate social media background screening into your process seamlessly, to help you have a safe, secure, work environment that benefits everybody.