Choose a package that's right for your organization.

In order to run background checks, you purchase "credits".  You can purchase as few or as many as you think you will need.  With Ferretly, there are no monthly or annual commitments and you can always add more credits as you need them.  Choose from one of the base packages below or sign up now for free* and add credits later.  

  • FREE

    Valid credit card required
    Signup for free and get familiar with the sample subject and the application.  When you are ready to run a background check, simply add credits to your account.
  • 1 CREDIT

    1 Social Media Background Check Credit
    $29 per credit



    5 Social Media Background Check Credits
       10% savings and $26 per credit


  • 10 CREDITS

    10 Social Media Background Check Credits
       14% savings and $25 per credit



    Annual or monthly subscription plus:
    Get a Certified Ferretly Analyst dedicated to your account
    Identity resolution and redress of reports
    Guaranteed 24 hour turn-around of your reports
    Unlimited support

Need more credits?

Want to resell our reports?

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* All packages require a valid credit card including free signup (your credit card will not be charged when choosing free)

**Additional social media background check credits can be purchased in any quantity at any time.  Each credit includes up to 3 social media profiles per subject.  Background check credits do not expire, you can use anytime.  All prices USD unless stated otherwise.

Do you want to dispute a report?  Complete the dispute form here and follow the instructions for submitting.

Ferretly is the leading cloud platform for mitigating employment risk.  Our AI-Powered Social Media Screening platform identifies candidates and employees that have exhibited undesirable behavior online.

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