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People Search

If you have a Professional or Enterprise plan and available credits, you can perform a search on people and their social media profiles.  

"Search People" is available from the Add Subject wizard next to Import.  Clicking this will present you with a search input box where you can enter a person's name, email, username or phone number and their location.  Pressing enter or clicking the magnifying glass will then perform a search on our extensive people database.

Ferretly will return the highest probability match based on the data you enter.  You can use further identifiers, such as age, prior locations and associates to ensure the result matches your subject. Clicking NEXT will then retrieve the social media profiles for this person and perform a validation to ensure these are active accounts.

You individually click each profile you want to associate with your subject and then click NEXT, or SAVE AND CLOSE to go back to the Add Subject wizard and run the background check.

Note, we recommend that you verify each social profile returned from the results to ensure they belong to your subject.  We also recommend you preform additional searches on each social media platform as many people will have more than one social media account and they may have accounts on other platforms not reflected in the People Search results.

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