Why Choose Ferretly?

Ferretly is quickly becoming the gold standard for social media screening.   We put your analysts in control and allow you to turn around a more comprehensive report in less time than any of our competitors.  Best of all, your customers will appreciate the insightful reports and it will allow you to sell more social media screening services to a broader set of prospects.


And did you know on average our partners are realizing more than 35% gross margins?  But beyond just saving you money and growing your revenues, here are additional reasons you should switch:

  • Broadest set of risk classifications including political speech, threats of violence, self-harm and more.

  • Image content analysis with meme analysis and classifications for drugs and alcohol, explicit and violent images.  In addition, you can add your own keywords and flag based on image content matching. 

  • Sentiment analysis to get a better understanding of the candidate’s emotional trends.

  • Ability to continuously screen your candidates or employees' social media posts. 

  • Import a list of subjects from a CSV or Microsoft Excel file. 

  • Share subjects, access all reports, and allows you to centralize the screening process.

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