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Keyword Help

Keywords can be found in the settings page, keyword settings tab and can be used to flag posts based on the keywords and phrases you enter.  If the text of a post contains one or more of your keywords, then the post will be flagged during the background check.

In addition, Ferretly will use your keywords to flag for content in an image.  For instance, if you want to flag any post containing an image of protest then simply enter the keyword "protest". For sample labels/keywords click here.

There are three types of keywords, neutral (yellow border), negative (red border) and positive (green border).  When adding a new keyword it will default to neutral.  You can change the keyword type by clicking on the keyword and toggling from neutral to negative to positive.

When there is a match, the highlight color will correspond to the keyword type in the posts page as well as the background report. 

Note that only negative keywords will impact the subject's score.

You can also use keywords for web and news article searches.  By including one or more keywords in web search, you can increase relevancy of the search results.  You can include a keyword in the web/news search by clicking on the "www" icon to the left of the keyword.  When it's green, it indicates that all future background checks will include this keyword in the web/news search.

Note, you are limited to 500 keywords in any single settings profile.  You can copy and paste keywords between profiles and also from Excel or Google Sheets.  In order to copy and paste keywords, place your cursor in the "Enter a new keyword" text input box in settings.  From here if you want to copy all of the existing keywords, press Ctrl/Command-C.  If you are pasting press Ctrl/Command-V.

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