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Import Help

Ferretly allows you to import a list of subjects from a file on your computer. You must have either a Professional or Enterprise plan in order to import subjects.


  • The import file must be .xls, .xlsx or .csv file

  • The import file should contain less than 1000 rows

  • Include a header row in your file

    • Each column header should correspond to a subject property that exists in the subjects

    • During the import process, Ferretly will match the column header to the subject property, where possible.  You can also manually map your column headers to the subject property values.


  • Import files must contain at least a single column for the subject name

  • The following properties are available for the subject import:

    • Name:  The subject's name as a single column or can be included as separate columns such as Firstname, Lastname​

    • Nickname: The subject's alias or nickname

    • Age: The subject's age or Date of Birth (DOB)

    • Email: The subject's email address

    • Address:  The physical address of the subject

    • City: The city for the subject

    • State:  The state for the subject

    • Country:  The country for the subject

    • Highschool: The name of the subject's high school

    • College:  The name of the subject's college

    • Company:  The name of company where subject works

    • PhoneNumber:  The phone number for the subject

    • TwitterURL:  The fully qualified URL for the subject's Twitter profile

    • FacebookURL:  The fully qualified URL for the subject's Facebook profile

    • InstagramURL:  The fully qualified URL for the subject's Instagram profile

    • LinkedInURL:  The fully qualified URL for the subject's LinkedIn profile

    • TikTokURL:  The fully qualified URL for the subject's TikTok profile

    • RedditURL: The fully qualified URL for the subject's Reddit profile.


You must give your import list a name in the final step after mapping the columns.  The list name is added to the TAG property of the subject.  You can then use this property to filter your subject by the list name once the import is complete.

Once you click Finish, the import file will be submitted.  When it's complete, you will be notified by email.

Download a sample spreadsheet

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