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How do I add a new subject?

1. Hover over the applications left navigation menu. 2. Click on the Add Subject button on menu bar.

3. Enter the subject's first and last name. You can click on "Additional Properties" to add other information about your subject including their address, email, age, and also add their social media profile URL's. When done, click "Next" 4. On the next page you can associate social media profiles to your subject. If you have a Profressional or Enterprise plan you can also do a Search People to locate your subject and potential social media profiles. Once you have added the subject's handles, click "Next". 5. On the subject summary page of the wizard you can run the background check or assign this subject to another user in your organization or a Ferretly Analyst (if your plan includes Analyst Assistance). Note: If you have a Professional or Enterprise plan you can also import your subjects. See Searching for Profiles for more information regarding finding profiles for your subject.

How do i run a background report?

You can run a background report immediately after entering a new subject by clicking on the "Save and Run Now" button or by choosing the subject from the subjects list and clicking on the run background report button in the menu bar. You can also run a background report for a subject by clicking on their score next to the name in the subject list. For more information, see Running a Background Report.

What does the score mean in the dashboard?

The score is based on the analysis of the posts retrieved for your subject's social media profiles and can range from 0 to 1000, with 1000 being perfect. We retrieve up to 7 years of history for each handle you enter for your subject. The score is calculated based on both sentiment across all of the posts as well as number of flagged posts across the 12 risk classifications we analyze. To learn more about the score click here.

Can I change a subject's handles after I have run a report?

Yes. 1. Click on subjects in the navigation menu. 2. Locate your subject and click on the name to bring up the preview window. 3. Click edit above the list of handles. 4. From there you can modify the associated handles and save your changes.

If a post was flagged incorrectly, can I remove the flag?

Yes. Ferretly sometimes will get it wrong. We provide you with the ability to correct the mistake and at the same time your input is used to help improve our machine learning algorithm. In order to remove a flag from a post and update the score accordingly, you simply click on the flag either from the dashboard or the posts view where you will be presented with a dialog to confirm your action and click submit. Your score will be updated once you submit the action. You can also flag a post if you feel it should have triggered one of our classifiers by hovering over the social media icon on the post where you will be presented with a fly-out menu. Click on the last option "Provide Feedback on Classification" and follow the instructions on the dialog.

Where do I find the background report?

You can download a subject's background report anytime after the background check process has completed by clicking on Subjects from the left navigation bar, locating your subject and then by clicking on the ellipse menu (fly-out menu) next to the subject's score then selecting "Download Report" icon next to the subject's score. You can also download multiple subject's background reports by clicking on the download icon on the subject page menu bar -- top right icon.

How do I add additional users to my account?

If you have a Professional or Enterprise plan, you can add additional users to your Ferretly account and share subjects. Additional users can be restricted to view only subjects that they "own". To add a new user: 1. Under your name in the top right of the application, click My Account. 2. Next to your organization name, click Manage Users. 3. Click Add User. For more information, visit User Management Help.

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