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Reports Help

You can generate a report from the dashboard, on the posts page and also on subjects by clicking the download icon.


Ferretly will generate a PDF document that is unique to each page and represents portions of the background report that is generated when you run a background check.  Below are the types of reports that are created based on the page in which you generate the report.

1. Dashboard -- this is the Post Insights report which will provide you with analytics for your currently selected subject.

2. Posts -- this is the Posts report which is created based on the current subject and the current view such as "Flagged Posts".  You also have the option to create the report for a specific post or individual posts by using the Ctrl/Command button and selecting the posts you want to include in the PDF.  Lastly, you can export all of the posts for a subject to an Excel file.

3. Subjects - you will have the option of generating a PDF report of your subjects, downloading one or more background reports or exporting a subject detail spreadsheet in Excel.  If you are the organization admin, you can also generate an owner background report by date range.

4. Background Report -- this report is accessible from the Subjects page by clicking the fly-out menu next to the subject's score and choosing Download Report. Note this report is only available if you have run a background check.


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