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Document Help

When you add a new subject or edit an existing subject you can upload a document containing an image of a driver's license, passport, visa or resume.  Ferretly will extract information from the uploaded document and populate the subject properties for you.  The document will also be saved with the subject and can be referenced by an analyst, downloaded or changed for another document type.

The following are the document formats, types, languages and countries supported:

Document File Formats (up to 5MB in size)

  • Microsoft Office: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLS, PPT, PPTX

  • Open Office: ODS, ODT, ODP

  • PDF: Both digital and image-only files are supported. PDFs may be single or multi-page and may contain multiple document types (e.g., 3 ID pages plus 1 invoice).

Language Support:

Over 56 languages including: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Polish, Indonesian, and Hindi.

Document Types Supported:
  • All US State driver’s licenses

  • International driver’s licenses from the following countries:

  • Albania driver license

  • Austria driver license

  • Belgium driver license

  • Bulgaria driver license

  • Croatia driver license

  • Cyprus driver license

  • Czechia driver license

  • Denmark driver license

  • Estonia driver license

  • Finland driver license

  • France driver license

  • Germany driver license

  • Greece driver license

  • Hungary driver license

  • Iceland driver license

  • Ireland driver license

  • Italy driver license

  • Latvia driver license

  • Lithuania driver license

  • Luxembourg driver license

  • Malta driver license

  • Mauritius driver license

  • Montenegro driver license

  • Netherland driver license

  • North Macedonia driver license

  • Poland driver license

  • Portugal driver license

  • Romania driver license

  • Serbia driver license

  • Slovakia driver license

  • Slovenia driver license

  • Spain driver license

  • Sweden driver license

  • Turkey driver license

  • United Kingdom driver license

Passports and Visas from the following countries:

o   Afghanistan

o   Albania

o   Algeria

o   Andorra

o   Angola

o   Antigua and Barbuda

o   Argentina

o   Armenia

o   Australia

o   Austria

o   Azerbaijan

o   Bahamas

o   Bahrain

o   Bangladesh

o   Barbados

o   Belarus

o   Belgium

o   Belize

o   Benin

o   Bhutan

o   Bolivia

o   Bosnia and Herzegovina

o   Botswana

o   Brazil

o   Brunei

o   Bulgaria

o   Burkina Faso

o   Burundi

o   Cabo Verde

o   Cambodia

o   Cameroon

o   Canada

o   Central African Republic

o   Chad

o   Chile

o   China

o   Colombia

o   Comoros

o   Costa Rica

o   Côte d'Ivoire

o   Croatia

o   Cuba

o   Cyprus

o   Czechia

o   Democratic Republic of Congo

o   Denmark

o   Djibouti

o   Dominica

o   Dominican Republic

o   Ecuador

o   Egypt

o   El Salvador

o   Equatorial Guinea

o   Eritrea

o   Estonia

o   Eswatini

o   Ethiopia

o   Fiji

o   Finland

o   France

o   Gabon

o   Gambia

o   Georgia

o   Germany

o   Ghana

o   Greece

o   Grenada

o   Guatemala

o   Guinea

o   Guinea-Bissau

o   Guyana

o   Haiti

o   Holy See

o   Honduras

o   Hungary

o   Iceland

o   India

o   Indonesia

o   Iran

o   Iraq

o   Ireland

o   Israel

o   Italy

o   Jamaica

o   Japan

o   Jordan

o   Kazakhstan

o   Kenya

o   Kiribati

o   Kuwait

o   Kyrgyzstan

o   Lao

o   Latvia

o   Lebanon

o   Lesotho

o   Liberia

o   Libya

o   Liechtenstein

o   Lithuania

o   Luxembourg

o   Madagascar

o   Malawi

o   Malaysia

o   Maldives

o   Mali

o   Malta

o   Marshall Islands

o   Mauritania

o   Mauritius

o   Mexico

o   Micronesia

o   Moldova

o   Monaco

o   Mongolia

o   Montenegro

o   Morocco

o   Mozambique

o   Myanmar

o   Namibia

o   Nauru

o   Nepal

o   Netherlands

o   New Zealand

o   Nicaragua

o   Niger

o   Nigeria

o   North Korea

o   North Macedonia

o   Norway

o   Oman

o   Pakistan

o   Palau

o   Palestine

o   Panama

o   Papua New Guinea

o   Paraguay

o   Peru

o   Philippines

o   Poland

o   Portugal

o   Qatar

o   Republic of Congo

o   Romania

o   Russian Federation

o   Rwanda

o   Saint Kitts and Nevis

o   Saint Lucia

o   Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

o   Samoa

o   San Marino

o   Sao Tome and Principe

o   Saudi Arabia

o   Senegal

o   Serbia

o   Seychelles

o   Sierra Leone

o   Singapore

o   Slovakia

o   Slovenia

o   Solomon Islands

o   Somalia

o   South Africa

o   South Korea

o   South Sudan

o   Spain

o   Sri Lanka

o   Sudan

o   Suriname

o   Sweden

o   Switzerland

o   Syria

o   Tajikistan

o   Tanzania

o   Thailand

o   Timor-Leste

o   Togo

o   Tonga

o   Trinidad and Tobago

o   Tunisia

o   Turkey

o   Turkmenistan

o   Tuvalu

o   Uganda

o   Ukraine

o   United Arab Emirates

o   United Kingdom

o   United States of America

o   Uruguay

o   Uzbekistan

o   Vanuatu

o   Venezuela

o   Vietnam

o   Yemen

o   Zambia

o   Zimbabwe

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