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Dashboard Help

The dashboard allows you to obtain insights about your subject's posts. You can choose a subject from the dropdown list on the menu bar. 

Note:  You can only view posts for subjects whose background report you have previously run.  You must first run a background report in order to view your subject's dashboard.

You can add a new subject by clicking on the Add Subject icon in the menu bar.

The dashboard contains useful analytics including their overall social media score, the count of flagged posts by risk category, the sentiment of the posts over time as well as a word cloud. You can also review their flagged posts.  By default, all of the posts which Ferretly flagged will be displayed in the list of posts on the dashboard.  You can click on one of the risk category boxes in the top of the dashboard to display only the flagged posts for that particular risk category.  

You can also download a dashboard (post insight) report by clicking on the download button on the menu bar:

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