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Continuous Screening

If you have an Enterprise plan you can set up continuous screening or monitoring on one or more subjects.


When a subject is configured for continuous screening, Ferretly will pull all posts since the last screen or initial background check on a periodic basis, analyze these posts, and send email alerts to a user if any post were flagged.  


In order to configure contiuous screening, you can select "Configure Screening" from the subject action menu or select the subjects you want to screen and then click the "Configure Continuous Screening" icon on the subject menu bar.



This will present you with a window whereby you can specify the frequency of the screen, and the email where you want the alerts to be sent.

Keep in mind, Ferretly will use the settings profile associated with each subject being screened.  

To disable continuous screening, simply select "Configure Screening" from the action menu of a subject that has continuous screening enabled and select "Turn off"

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