Reduce your employee risk with social media continuous screening

Ferretly allows you to monitor public posts from any number of subjects and alert you to any behaviors that could introduce risk to your organization.

Set it and forget it

Turn on continuous screening for any number of subjects and let Ferretly's AI do the work. Ferretly can screen based on any frequency you choose from daily to annually. Ferretly analyzes public posts from the last screen and will send an email alert if any posts trigger one of our risk classifications or match the text or image content based on your custom keywords.

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Actionable insight sent to your inbox

Ferretly will send an email alert whenever one or more posts from your subjects are flagged. Quickly see the impact on their score and the risk factors which were identified.

Active reporting

Ferretly will update the subject's background report from every screen.  This includes post insights such as sentiment as well as updated risk makeup.  You can also generate a PDF of the flagged posts from the latest screen with a single click.

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AI-powered social media monitoring with virtually unlimited applications


Monitor what employees are saying online about your company


Protect your workplace and culture from bullying to threats of violence


Image content analysis to identify fraudulent activity such as worker's compensation fraud


Identify narcotics, alcohol, and self-harm as well as drops in sentimtent


Get ahead of possible leaks of your organization's intellectual property or trade secrets


Monitor jurors and witnesses posting about a case or showing biases that could taint the outcome

Frequently Asked Questions

How often is the screening performed?

You can configure screening for daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annually. The frequency chosen for the subject will dictate how often the screening is performed and also when notifications are sent if any risk factors were discovered.

How many subjects can I monitor?

You can monitor any number of subjects up to your limit based on the package chosen. Continuous screening requires purchase of an Enterprise Plan. See plans for more details.

What social media platforms are supported?

Ferretly currently supports continuous screening on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. A subject can have one profile on each of these platforms for four social media profiles.

Do you offer this to resellers?

Yes. Please visit our partner page here. Or feel free to reach out to to learn more.

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