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Subject Properties Help

When adding or editing a subject, you can include additional properties about your subject.  While these are optional, they are useful when performing identity resolution such as, when trying to locate social media profiles.  

All of the fields are free form text which means you can enter a string up to approximately 1000 characters in each of the fields. The address will present you with options based on what you type in this field.  The same is true for city and state.  The tag property is used to classify the subject via labels which can be used to group your subjects into batches for instance.  Filtering your subject list will use the tag property as well as the name of the subject.

If your organization has analyst assistance, then you should always provide a minimum of name, location, age/dob, and one of high school, college, and company.  Of course, the rule is the more information the better to help our analysts uniquely identify the subject's social media profiles.

If you know the subject's profiles, you can enter the full URL to the profile in the boxes with green border.  Ferretly will validate these when you click Next.

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