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Adding Subjects

In order to run a background report you must first add a subject. Subjects are used to associate the name of an individual with their social media handles which Ferretly uses to retrieve the posts and perform the analysis on the post content.  

In the left navigation menu you can click on the add subject button to launch the subject wizard.  From here, you enter a name and optionally additional properties, associate their handles and can then run the background check or assign the subject to another user or Ferretly analyst to run the report. The later option requires purchase of analyst assistance.

Note:  If you have a Professional or Enterprise plan, you can also import your subjects or you can perform a People Search.  


You can add as many subjects as you want so long as you have at least one available background search credit.  While you can run a social media background check on a subject without social media profiles, this will only return web and news posts.   We recommend that you have to have at least one valid social media handle from one of the social media platforms we support including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn, or TikTok.  Ferretly allows you to add handles from al of these platforms and analyze these as a single set of posts using a single background search.

Note: You can add up to 2 handles for each social media platform for a given subject. For example, if you subject has a personal Facebook account as well as a business account, then both can be included for your subject.

You can also edit a subject by simply clicking on the name from the subjects page.  With editing, you can change the name of the subject, their profile pic and add and remove handles.


There are two ways to associate handles to a subject.  When creating a new subject, click the "Additional Properties" link under the subject text box and from here you can enter the social media profile URL.  When you click on NEXT Ferretly will validate these handles and add them to your subject.  From the "Edit Handles" page, you can also locate a profile and add or remove handles. Note that on the edit handle page, you only enter the social media handle, not the full URL of the social media profile. 

Note: if you edit the handles after you have run a background check, then you must rerun the background check to update their score and retrieve the posts associated with any new handles you may have added.

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